Sunday, December 23, 2012

Long time coming UGH

Its been a bit since I wrote to the blog. Well there has been a lot going on. The radio however is alive and well.

Its been a busy time for us all. Also a few sad moments. We lost Snoopy in october. We will miss him. Ragazi's mom passed away. This was all about 3 months in the making. It was all very sad. I miss her and I know he does too. That is just a little of why we have been absent. However, We are getting back to doing some DJing.

So please tune in for us and all the other faithful DJs.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ahh yes its been a bit on a news update . I just needed more news  to ad is all . We have just added a new DJ to our eclectic family. Snoopy has joined the ranks . So Tune in on Tuesday nights at 11pm EST for Snoopy.

Our very own Dr. Phobos is getting married on February 31st. hehe. Yea he wanted me to announce that to you all.

We are implementing a DJ payment plan. Well a payment plan if you play Paradox the Musical anyway. If you dont I am sooo sorry. However, DJ's are earning 1.5 Moolah an hour at the moment . Due to a HUGE donation made by an anonymous Donar.. Foxie . Thank you so very much for it .

The Radio was saved this month by Sport Guy. Because it was Sporting of him . Thank You Man RFX loves you. Who will save the Radio next month?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Been an awesome week

WOW! Ever since we went live on the new server things are coming together. We have a name the auto DJ contest going on for the next month. Its opened to listeners and DJs alike. One entry per  person. Details are on the Radios public Forum.

Friday night was amazing. We had over 12 hours of live DJs and a lot of shenanigans. It was such a fun night . I want to thank all the DJs and listeners and I hope soon we have every night like that one.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcome Guys

Omg the Current DJ team is really filling out with a bunch of really unique people that I am sure will bring some spice to RFX 2.0 . In addition to the vetrans Soda Fett , Babylon, Spiff and Sewer Ratz We have picked up some DJs that are returning to the air waves and a few new guys . I would like to offer a HUGE welcome to Ragazi, Sam, SongMan, Dr. Phobos, Misplaced Atlantean, Lord Steer Pike, Rakkasan, and Zataroonee.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Its getting closer and closer to the offical re-birth of  RFX. We have a few DJs that are scheduled and a few floaters. We need some people that can schedule times . Anyone interested?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Radio Free Xangaka 2.0 will be starting up at full capacity early next month. I hope you will tune in and give us a listen .

Radio Free Xangaka