Monday, June 25, 2012

Ahh yes its been a bit on a news update . I just needed more news  to ad is all . We have just added a new DJ to our eclectic family. Snoopy has joined the ranks . So Tune in on Tuesday nights at 11pm EST for Snoopy.

Our very own Dr. Phobos is getting married on February 31st. hehe. Yea he wanted me to announce that to you all.

We are implementing a DJ payment plan. Well a payment plan if you play Paradox the Musical anyway. If you dont I am sooo sorry. However, DJ's are earning 1.5 Moolah an hour at the moment . Due to a HUGE donation made by an anonymous Donar.. Foxie . Thank you so very much for it .

The Radio was saved this month by Sport Guy. Because it was Sporting of him . Thank You Man RFX loves you. Who will save the Radio next month?